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homescreen quillows 2023


Ney and Niq

Ney and Niq is a young and dynamic company based on values of sustainability and good quality handmade products. Founded in 2019, we produce mainly quilts and other quilted pieces, made in Germany.

We strive to combine modern day designs with the old tradition of making products by hand. When it comes to our interior design pieces, we create them with the intend of being combined and put together in all differnt wayes. Therefore our Quilt Blankets and Quillow Pillowcases become the highlight of your home, office, hotel and store. One of our most strong values is sustainability. Our materials and fabrics are carefully chosen to provide a long life and little impact on the environement. 



With our program 'ReQuilt', we give old clothes a new purpose by transforming them into loving teddy bears and warming quilts. These special products not only symbolize our sustainable vision but also the appreciation for our customers and the environment.

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